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        Solar Charge Controller

        Factory directly waterproof 60a mppt solar charge controller from china


        •  Intelligent   Maximum  Power  Point Tracking   technology   increases  ef?ciency   25%~30%
        •  Three-stage   charging  optimizes   battery  performance
        •  Maximum  charging   current  up to 45A/60A/80A/100A/120A
        •  Maximum  ef?ciency   up to 98%

        Q: What's the difference of the PWM charge controller and MPPT charge controller?
        A: 1. MPPT controller uses maximum power tracking technology, compared to the PWM controller, the MPPT can generate more electricity with the same solar panels.
        2. MPPT controller has low requirement of solar power system voltage, if the line or component parts damage the voltage, using MPPT controller does not affect the system generating. 
        Q: Why should the controller have temperature compensation function?
        A: As temperature rises, electrochemical activity in the battery increases. Similarly, as temperature falls, electrochemical activity decreases. Therefore, as temperature rises, charging voltage should be reduced to prevent overcharge, as temperature falls, charging voltage should be increase to avoid undercharge. In general, to assure optimum service life, use of a temperature compensated charger is recommended.
        Q: How does your factory carry out quality control?
        A: Quality is our priority. Our QC always attached great importance to quality control from the very beginning to the end of the production. Each product will be fully assembled and carefully tested before packed.

        Q: What is the warranty for MPPT Charge Controller FL-CSL-6048?
        A: For the charge controller, we offer 1 year warranty.
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